Glass Art

I have recently completed a BA(hons) in Architectural Glass and the Welsh School of Architectural Glass, Swansea Metropolitan University.

This is a selection of some of my work..............................

Arsenic & Old Lace 1
Arsenic & Old Lace 2
 These leaded panels were made for an exhibition 'Love Swansea Glass', at the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea, February 2011. The lace patterns on the glass were created using a variety of techniques including painting, sandblasting and stencilling powdered frit.

The Burning Fiery Furnace
This is another leaded panel, it's a copy of a section of the Benjamin Britten Memorial window, designed by John Piper and painted by Patrick Reyntiens in St Peter's church, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. I made this as a project in my second year at uni - I am very proud of it. The glass is painted on both sides, for depth. Some of the sections are plated, two pieces of glass (one on top of the other) again painted on all sides - I had to make the lead for these sections as the heart of the lead was not deep enough to take the glass. There is also a lot of acid etching on this panel, which is quite scary to do!!

Winter Tree

Hares with Ivy
Two simple leaded panels, decorated with sandblasting - I was so excited when I was given an air compressor (to run the sandblast cabinet) for my birthday.

Rock Pools
The fused glass blocks are each made from seven sheets of 3mm glass. Each sheet has been painted and/or sandblasted; glass enamel paints and silver stain have also been used. Once decorated the seven sheets of glass have been fused together to form a 21mm thick block.

Red Kites above Mynydd Du

This is the model for my degree show, the glass was formed in the kiln by slumping the sheets of glass over steel formers.

Welsh Weather!
Mynydd Du
I painted these two panels after I had attended a painting workshop, with Patrick and John Reyntiens, last summer.

Welsh Weather was painted in my studio on a particularly wet and miserable day (this inspired the title and the top third of the panel). Mynydd Du was a commision I secured from someone who admired the Welsh Weather panel - she wanted less rain and cloud than the original panel!

Glass is notoriously hard to photograph; I am annoyed every time I look at the photo of Mynydd Du as shadows can be seen through the glass and I can't take another photo as the panel has already been installed.

Tiger Tiger

A painted, leaded roundel with silver stain.


My friend Helen's birthday present - she likes elephants!  

Crow 2
Crow 1

Black trace paint was stippled across the surface of float glass and the images revealed as the paint was brushed and scratched off. Details were added by painting, either side of the glass, with black and brown trace paint. After firing the paint the glass was curved by slumping it, in the kiln, over a metal mould. 

Fish mobile
Seahorse mobile

Alexandra and Lawrence's Christmas presents. I made these (above) with float glass and frit but it took forever, as I coloured the glass first, which also meant two firings. I am now using Artista glass, which is much quicker but not as attractive?
Seahorse mobile in Artista glass

But I do like the driftwood hanger ....................................................................