Sunday, 4 November 2012


We expected to be woken up by the hunters, but they didn’t come onto our land until about 12.00; Brett was outside cleaning out the truck when a hunter walked past, he didn’t even say “Bom Dia”.

We’ve started organising ourselves for our trip back; today we sorted out the bedroom shed, so we can strip out the van and leave behind all the stuff we want to keep here. We’ll be leaving our Portuguese gas bottles; which means that we won’t be able to cook (not even a cup of tea!), or have a fridge, or be able to heat water on our trip back (we won’t have cutlery, crockery or cooking pots either (there’s no point in taking them back to UK then having to pay for them to be returned to Portugal). Our (portable) valuables items (like generator and strimmer) and our truck will be stored at Pam & Mark’s, which means we won’t have to worry about them whilst we’re away.

We had a very jolly evening; the choir that Pastor Allen sings with was in a concert tonight singing Gospel songs and Allen was singing some solos, he invited us (his class) to come along. It was a great evening (we don’t get out much!). The first choir up sang traditional Portuguese music (a bit dismal); but they had a lady who walked (actually sometimes she skipped) around the stage twirling this large flag, occasionally she had two flags, she was very serious about it; but then she got a huge round of applause and she was so pleased. Then there was a younger group who played folk music (someone said it was Irish music, but it didn’t sound like it to me), they were very good. And finally Pastor Allen’s choir did their ‘Sister Act’ performance; it was brilliant, we clapped and sang and gave them a standing ovation so they did two encores.

After the concert we, us, Pam & Mark and Matt & Anji (their workawayers), went to an Italian restaurant for dinner.

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