Monday, 29 July 2013

NO INTERNET AGAIN (end of month!)

26th July
I'm completely deaf on my left side!!! On a pain scale of 1-10 I'm down to a 6 or 7 today (it was easily a 9.5 yesterday, very, very painful), so hopefully I'm on the mend.

Pam drove into town with us today, so she could ferry us around while our car was in the garage, which was great - usually we sit in the Mitsubishi garage reception for hours on end which is pretty boring (and hot). We were back home just after 2.00 and I went straight to bed, I didn't get up until after 5.00 - I was absolutely shattered.

I'm very happy with some of my China shop purchases today; I bought lots of ribbon and elastic for 5€. I finished my top today and I'm very pleased with it, it's rather 'see thro' but who cares?

We ran out of our free internet, this evening, until the start of next month (5 days) and I thought I'd been really good this month, I've waited, to upload my blog, until we've gone into town and I haven't downloaded any videos (I blame Brett!); so it's back to checking emails and facebook on the Kindles!

27th July
I took 7 pills first thing this morning for my various maladies (I took over 20 total yesterday); Gary is very sneering about me taking antibiotics - I wonder how he would cope with this vicious earache? I can't wait to feel well again, this is horrible; my head feels like the left side is full of insulation foam (I can't hear a thing).

Brett started rendering his back wall and he's making a very good job of it (of course he's not happy with it) It's going to look so good when it's painted. This week we're going to order the windows and doors (so that they should be ready to install on our return).

Mark came around and decanted 10L of our wine; it looks lovely and clear and he tells me it smells very pleasant too (we're going to bring some back to the UK with us).

28th July
I'm feeling really lazy, I know I'm ill but poor old Brett is doing all the work and I feel guilty. This morning he was continuing with his rendering so I steeled myself up to finish painting the gate; I got all my tools and supplies together, went outside to load them into the truck and got sent back home!!! Brett said I wasn't well enough to paint the gate and to go back inside and relax; the problem is relaxing is hard when you can't see (the gate would have looked good wouldn't it?) and hear properly - I can't read, watch a video, listen to music or do any of the other hobbies I do for pleasure.

It was very cool today (probably mid 20s) and then this afternoon it rained - real Welsh rain, and it was jolly cold rain; we had decided to go for a walk when it first started and was just spitting, but even though we didn't get very far (we turned around once it started to get heavy) we still managed to get cold and wet. The rain makes a very musical noise on the metal roof.

Once the rain had stopped I used all the standing water to wash the solar panels and Brett cleaned the truck. After the rain it was muggy for a while, then it went back to being hot, and then we had a thunder storm (lots of rumbling, we didn't see any lightening), then it rained some more (as you can tell this raining lark is a novelty here!) - next week we're back in the high 30s.

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