Friday, 13 June 2014


6th May
We try not to go into town too often; because (1) it’s not very exciting and (2) it means we lose a day’s work! But today we had a long list, plus hardly any food in the house, so decided the time had come, got there and half the shops were shut – another public holiday!!! Fortunately Lidl was open, so we got food, and some of the other shops we needed, so it wasn't a completely wasted journey.
Max/Min thermometer (in the shade) registered 31°, but neither of us has braved the pool yet – it’s still icy cold.

7th May
Brett managed to count the Muscovy’s eggs (she was off having a drink), she’s sitting on fifteen! She’s a mean little beast atm (hormones!), she attacks the ducks and geese and she’ll even take on the dogs!
We collected a basket of lemons from Clare – she’s got so many trees heaving with lemons, it’s not fair! I need them for iced tea, mayonnaise, lemon curd and the Moroccan Carrot Dip we had this evening.
Brett has nearly finished the decking by the pool, it’s only 3’ x 8’, but it will make getting in and out of the pool so much easier.

8th May
The decking by the pool is finished and the pool is looking more and more inviting. Unfortunately today we were waiting for a delivery (roofing sheets for house decking) so we didn’t like to get in.
We invited Chris and Di round for drinks, dips (food, not in the pool!) and a ‘catch up’, we haven’t seen them for a while as they have moved out of the quarry (where we saw them every time we drove past) and onto their land (where we can’t see them for the trees). They are such easy people to talk to, we had a lovely evening and they’ve invited us round on Saturday, to play badminton (can you play badminton in sandals?).

9th May
Pam brought her daughter, Naomi, round for coffee; which was great for me as it meant I didn't need to do any work – Brett was strimmering.
The roofing still didn’t arrive – we went in the pool anyway! It was bloody cold to start with but we acclimatized pretty soon, it’s very good at cooling you down.

10th May
Still no roofing and the Builder’s merchant was closed today, so it can’t arrive before Monday.
Brett made the frame for the outside shower (we’re going to cover it with hessian); I worked in the polytunnel (phew it was hot!) and did some weeding (there’s always weeding needs doing).
This afternoon we went in the pool and this evening we went round to Chris & Di’s.
I wore my ‘Wimbledon Whites’, because we were playing badminton and, although they claimed the victory (which in my opinion was debatable ...), I maintain that they put us at a disadvantage by facing us into the setting sun! We had a splendid evening, as always!

11th May
‘Girlie’ shopping trip to CB with Pam, Naomi and Rowan! We all (except Rowan) spent ages (at least 2 hours) in H&M trying on clothes – I bought six tops and a skirt.
On our way home from CB we stopped to buy some of this year’s first cherries, from a vendor at the side of the road. He had the price written down on a piece of paper 10€ a box or 18€ for two boxes, rather a lot we said; so he turned the piece of paper over 10€ a box or 15€ for two boxes!!!!! Still rather expensive (it’s usually 5€ a box) but we bought two boxes anyway (one for me, one for Pam).

12th May
My mother died in the night, it was a complete shock. She was taken into hospital yesterday with stomach pains, which turned out to be a ruptured bowel. The doctor said to get her family in to see her asap (to say ‘goodbye’), but I wasn’t to bother rushing as I wouldn’t make it in time.
I’m feeling rather numb, and don’t know what to do with myself.

13th May
I don’t think I’ll be blogging for a while.

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