Sunday, 25 September 2011

Still decorating .............................

I wasn't happy with the white plastic shelves - well they were white AND plastic!! So I've painted them (using one of the greens from the kitchen) and lined the back with the reverse side of the paper I put on the cupboards. Brett says there's enough pink in the van now.

I think they looks much better; and I really like the canisters on them, which I didn't need but, bought because I wanted them!

The weather forecast for this coming week is looking good; so we've decided to go off in the van for a few days to Devon and Cornwall. We've worked out how to access our phone messages so can rush back if the solicitor has any news - not very hopeful though, it's really dragging on, it's over thirteen weeks since we accepted their offer. And our solicitor is crap - haven't heard from him for over a month (despite sending two emails), in fact he's probably on holiday again!

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