Tuesday, 21 February 2012


It rained a lot in the night and was rather grey when we woke up.

We found a supermarket a short walk from the van (we asked the couple in the camper van next to us!); the Spanish don’t seem to drink fresh milk, it’s all UHT (yuk!), but we did buy some very nice ewe’s milk cheese (you’d have loved it, Will – Siop Laria).
LIEGANES, everywhere around here the trees are pollarded

It was much better day driving today, the Sat Nav worked ok – apart from telling us to exit roads and then go around roundabout then join same road a couple of times!! Brett drove 90 miles, I drove 0 miles!! But I did navigate. We’ve decided to drive around the coast of Spain and then down into Portugal, it might take a little longer but hey we’ve got no ties! Fabulous scenery, we didn’t think it would look like this, a bit like Switzerland; and I thought we had mountains in Wales, huh!!

Once parked up for the night we went for an explore; the town was much bigger than we had expected – it was then we realised we had no idea where the van was, we were completely lost! Obviously we got back to the van, but it was a bit scary for a while. We bought some food for lunch tomorrow – elvers, squid in ink and other exciting stuff (your guess is as good as ours!!). Wine is very cheap, I found bottles of rose and red for 69 cents, that’s 59p in ‘real’ money!  

The Spanish eat late, nothing opens until 8.30, so Brett bought some biscuits to have with a cup of tea – he ate one and said “these taste like babies’ rusks” we read the label, “Monjas Rosquillas” it sounds like rusks, we still don’t know.

Tonight we decided to eat out; we don’t speak Spanish (we’ve been learning Portuguese), and around here they don’t speak English. So we went into a bar and Brett orders two beers (he knew the phrase for two beers, it’s in the phrase book!), he then turns to me and says “you did want beer didn’t you?” We spent the next half hour trying to work out how to ask for food (and drinking beer on empty stomachs!); we actually did ok – we ordered the ‘menu of the day’ 10€ which included a bottle of cider to share; it looked, and tasted, like scrumpy. It was served in this weird device where the bottle was turned upside down, the glass was laid in a cradle at 45° and a button was pushed – the cider then went up a tube and came out into the glass all frothy a bit like a soda siphon.

Tomorrow we’re (Brett’s) driving a little further, about 140 miles, but then we’ll have a few days of short distances.

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