Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Yippee, we’ve cracked it!!!! We just break the journey down and give her bite size bits to deal with; today we travelled with NO U-TURNS and no mistakes, even though our first choice of route had to be aborted due to a road race.

I’ve had a bit of an off day today; I felt a bit homesick but I think (hope) it’s all down to the fact I’ve got hay fever (I don’t normally suffer from hay fever) but my eyes are itchy, I’m sneezing, my nose is runny and I’m feeling generally ‘crap’. Talking of home we found a Lidls today which was practically identical to our one in Pontardawe; unfortunately they didn’t sell ‘proper’ teabags and we’re running out (we're making one bag last for two cups!).
We’re nearly in the area where we want to start looking at houses; we’ve emailed a couple of agents and we’ve got appointments for Thursday and Friday ................. how exciting is that? And we haven’t even been in touch with the agent for the 27 acre farm yet.
We’re in an aire next to a river beach; we’re parked next door to the beach cafe AND THEY HAVE INTERNET!!! So I’m busily updating my blog, and I’ve just had a long a long chat with Will & Gill and Stephanie on Skype, which was lovely and just what I needed (as well as Lidls!).
One of the problems with my blog is that I have to go through the Portuguese blogspot site – which means it’s all written in Portuguese! So I can do the obvious stuff like new post but I haven’t worked out how to edit a post; I have some photos from SAO PADRO DO SUL which I want to include in my blog, so I’m putting them here!!
Sau Pedro do Sul
I love this photo, the reflections are perfect and it looks like the walkway is high in the air - it's actually river height

Update on SAO PADRO DO SUL: Sao Pedro do Sul is a spa town, with thermal springs that reach a temperature of 70°C (that’s too hot to put your hand in).
Thermal Spring

Most of the shops weren’t open (as it caters for the tourists) but there was one shop that was selling really nice patchwork quilts (double) for 45 (they would have cost £100 - £200 in Britain).

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