Thursday, 3 May 2012


We were going to visit the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres this morning but we couldn’t be bothered – we have had enough of culture for the time being! (We’ll probably regret it in a couple of weeks).
View from van as we drove
This plant was growing on the verge about 80cms tall, leaves look like daffodil leaves
Any ideas?
It was only a short journey today, but the road was very windy and high up overlooking the sea; and then we were in FRANCE!!!! France also has prostitutes that offer their wares at the side of the highway.
We parked up in a Municipal Aire which is actually quite expensive for an aire (11.29), but we haven’t got a French road map yet (we tried to buy one in Spain but couldn’t find one) so we didn’t have much choice. We needed a few provisions and so far everything seems much more expensive than Spain and Portugal – the cheapest wine is 2 a bottle!!!!!
Banyuls sur Mer
Banyuls sur Mer is another pretty seaside town with lots of restaurants and cafes; we had a lovely stroll around the beach and harbour and sat ‘watching the world go by’; then, on our walk back to the campsite, we were caught in a heavy shower and got rather wet. As soon as it stopped raining the sun came out and it warmed up again.

It rained an awful lot this evening, even a bit of thunder. Opposite us (at the campsite) were a couple who are ‘proper’ campers; they’re travelling by bikes and camping in a two man tent, not big enough to stand up in, or cook or eat in; we felt very sorry for them when the rain came tonight, they must have been very uncomfortable.

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