Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I don't believe it!!!

We thought the final hurdle was over last week when our buyers had their mortgage offer, once this happened, according to our solicitor, we could start talking dates.

.............................. after hearing nothing (as usual) I phoned our estate agent to see if she could find out if there was any news. Both lots of solicitors were unobtainable (really?) but she managed to talk to our buyers and they assure her everything was going along fine - in fact their buyers are signing their mortgage agreement tomorrow morning????? Excuse me?? Our solicitor's last email to us stated (and I quote) "..............I've now found out that their London property has already completed", so why are their buyer only just signing mortgage agreements?

Of course we haven't managed to talk to our solicitor. Fingers crossed our estate agent's optimism is well founded.

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