Thursday, 20 June 2013


19th June
Today we work very hard from 8.30 until nearly 7.00 but it was worth it; we have sorted out the roof profile (hoo-bloody-rah) with lots of packing/spacers (3" in the centre)
Look at the difference between the old and new roof levels
and what we finished today looks excellent. 
Guess the leveled end!
We now have half a roof on the building but only half of that has been levelled, hopefully we'll get that done quite quickly tomorrow (Brett reckons 2 hours), now that we know what we're doing. Brett is really looking forward to rendering the outside of the building, so it won't look like blocks anymore.

Gary came around this evening; the second kitten has died, very sad but not unexpected, he reckoned it was only about three weeks old - it couldn't even have been weaned.

P&M were going out for a meal in Penamacor, they invited us - but we were too tired (I can't believe it!!!), we didn't even have the energy to drive.

Oh dear, I put my hair in plaits on Saturday, when we started the roof, I hadn't taken them out ................ when I went to wash my hair tonight I had dreadlocks, I couldn't get a brush through it!

We've been finding lots of stick insects in the house; Will and Hen used to keep them as pets, it seems strange finding them wild (Will maybe Alexandra and Lawrence could take some home, when you come to visit?). 
This one was on my pillow when I went to bed!

The people we met driving along our track in a campervan came to visit us the other day - they are buying the land they showed us, and sign tomorrow (it's ridiculously quick here to purchase land and houses).

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