Wednesday, 19 June 2013


16th June 
We just didn't want to get up this morning!!! but we did and we were back on the roof by 8.30 and it was just as hard as yesterday! Those bloody tiles hadn't got any lighter overnight. One of our biggest problem is the way the old roof sags The weight of the tiles has actually deformed the shape of the beams, the roof profile looks like a 'W'; we're (well Brett's) having to chip away the high points to help the sheets lay flat.

By 6.00 we had covered just over 1/2 of one side (i.e. a quarter) of the roof with the new sheeting, so only six more days to go! And once it's done we can think about plaster board and tiles.

Gary visited with his kitten - it's so sweet!!! And then he told us he's found another kitten "on a rock" which he'd taken to the vet, and if it survives he'll be adopting it.

We were so shattered that we couldn't be bothered to eat, we just drank beer!!!! Thankfully the weather is cooling down for the next few days.

We walked up to lock the gate about 8.30 but Louis was just arriving with a tractor, to turn the hay - we were too tired to even try talking to him.

17th June
We shut the gate after 10 last night, it was dark and there was no way Louis was still working (was there?). This morning at 8.00 we could hear his tractor; how did he get in? The gate was locked (we went and checked, yes still locked), he must have left the tractor at the quinta overnight (or we locked him in!).

What a difference a day makes; we're wearing long trousers, sleeves and moaning about being cold - it's 20C!

We had a bad day today the sheets didn't want to lie flat, they're not very forgiving; it's all to do with the 'W' shape roof profile. So we have decided we need to finished stripping off the tiles this side of the roof, then take off (or if we can, just slide down and support) all the sheets we've put on so far (3/4 of the roof), then pack the beams so that we have a level (ish) profile - it's never easy!!! but we're happier now we have worked out how to overcome the complications. Our next problem, today, was the weather forecast - rain tonight and tomorrow!!!! We borrowed a tarp from P&M to cover the gap (where old roof meets new); that was great fun, trying to stretch a huge tarp across the roof with the wind blowing (the tarp thought it was a kite) and Gary and Betty were here 'helping'.

Gary's second kitten has survived and he will be getting it on Wednesday; poor old Betty (his dog) is already jealous of the first kitten, she's not going to like having two cats!

We have no usable kitchen area, so we 'cheekily' asked if we could cook for P&M at their quinta - oh dear, it ended up with us providing the food and Pam cooking - "that's the way to do it" (where on earth is that quote from?); it's the first proper meal we've had since we last ate at quinta P&M.

When we came home it was raining quite heavily, but none of it was coming in - we're very worried about Louis's hay though!

It was very cold in the night, Brett had to get up to fetch extra bedclothes (I was trying to motivate myself to get them, but he beat me to it!).

18th June
Yippee a day off!!! We slept in until 9.00; then I felt guilty in case Louis wanted to get in to do something with the hay, so I got up to open the gate (I have to admit I drove!).

And, as it was cold and damp and we were tired, we decided it was a 'video and sweets' day, so we drove to Minipreço and bought chocolate!!! We watched 'Men in Black 3'; it was quite entertaining.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day; we hope to have one side of the roof completed by the end of the day.

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