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14th June
Well we might not have the fastest internet provider (I don't care it's free) but this morning I posted my blog and then downloaded a Magnolia Pearl video (Magnolia Pearl is one of my favourite clothes designer, lots of layers and lace) so I'm very impressed.

We had to wait in for the roofing sheet delivery; first thing, after I got up, I walked to open the gate (about 10 minutes away) and secured a map to it, so the delivery man could find us.

I made a mosquito net curtain for the front door; it works much better than the one we bought from China shop!!!! It means we can have the door open during the day without flies getting in - it keeps it much cooler.

Brett was up on the roof measuring, in preparation for the building work; the tiles were very 'hot to the touch', so was the scaffold tower, so was the ................ in fact it would be quicker to note what doesn't heat up - nope can't think of anything!

I made a chilled lettuce soup (with the lettuce from Louis) to take round to Pizza night at P&M's. We had a lovely evening; eating, drinking and star gazing (they are very welcoming hosts).

Old sagging roof

We were up bright and early (for us) and started work around 8.30 a.m. to try to beat the heat. We're working in 2.6m sections, the length of the boards that we're putting in (ridge, middle and bottom) to secure the roofing sheets to. First off two scaffold towers were erected, one inside the building (to catch Brett if the roof gave way!) and one outside alongside the section of roof we were working on - this was where I spent most of the day.

Then we stripped off 2.6m of heavy (really, really heavy, I could barely lift two together) concrete tiles, no wonder the roof bowed. Next we had to chip away all the high points of concrete, so the boards could lay flat (and the concrete here is really hard - moan, moan, moan).

Then we secured the three boards, and then it was lunch time (1.00), we took a half hour break. The sheets had to be cut to size with an angle grinder; first the inside layer (flat) then the sheets had to be turned over (without resting them on the ground, bloody awkward), then the top layer (ridges and troughs) and finally the sandwich (insulation) was cut with a knife. Then the exciting bit; laying the first sheet ........ we now have two sheets on

and that was us done for the day (3.00 p.m. - so we didn't beat the heat!!!) I spent the rest of the day hot, bothered and aching and am not looking forward to tomorrow.

P&M called and we met them at the bar for a drink, which was a nice way to end the day.

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