Thursday, 19 April 2012


We paid our 90 for 3 days parking in a lorry park and set off for an aire we had read about, on the internet, at Sant Feliu de Guixols. We directed Sat Nav to go via a campervan accessory shop (hoping to buy a replacement water filler cap); so we’re driving along a motorway and she says “arriving a destination on right” – huh! we could see it but we couldn’t get to it, there was no slip road! We made our own way to the shop and .................. they didn’t sell accessories (typical), just campervans and caravans.

We continued our journey, back onto the dual carriage way, and for about a five mile stretch, at regular intervals, there were prostitutes!! (we must have seen at least twenty). Some were standing and posing at the side of the road, while others had fold up chairs to sit on (occasionally there would be an empty chair, perhaps she had a client?). They looked very young, perhaps fourteen/fifteen to eighteen, plus one who looked about fifty, but they didn’t look Spanish – we guessed Eastern Bloc; it was really sad, what an awful existence, perhaps they felt it was better than begging, who knows? Why there? How many men would be driving that stretch of road, at lunchtime, wanting a prostitute? Very strange.
Sant Feliu de Guixols is a pretty little seaside town with a harbour, the aire is about ½ mile from the beach.
Boats at Sant Feliu de Guixols
I'm starting to like the look of pollarded trees!!
Yet another lovely shabby exterior
The weather had improved; blue sky and sunshine; so we had a relaxing afternoon, just a gentle stroll around the sea front, nothing too strenuous. But this evening we had a real downpour, just like home!

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