Saturday, 7 April 2012


We didn’t sleep that well last night; the aire, which was next to a hotel and garage, was also an overnight stop for lorries. We were woken up at 1.30 a.m. there were two lorries parked end to end and they spent about an hour transferring the load from one lorry to the other (very noisily), then they both drove off – seemed a bit suspect to me!

In the end we didn’t visit the cave house village today as it would have been an extra 60 miles of travelling; we think that it was the village where we first noticed the strange dwellings from the motorway anyway. As we drove along we still saw lots of caves at the side of the road, some with a house facade, some just holes – I think they are manmade dug out of a kind of sand stone/soil, Brett can’t see how the roofs don’t leak when it rains!
We got the timing for our Barcelona trip completely wrong – we were heading to arrive Easter weekend (we had not taken on board that it was Easter); so now we’re taking our time travelling there and visiting a few more aires/wildcamping – we are much more confident wildcampers now than when we first started this adventure.

Tonight we are camping on a beach; we’re literally 20 metre from the Mediterranean Sea!! We’ll be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves gently lapping the sea shore, so we should sleep a lot better than last night!
I don't like to brag but ...... just looked where we're parked!!!
This is an agricultural area with acres and acres of tomatoes growing under polythene (they are already ripe), fields of lettuces, all opposite long stretches of sandy beaches with a backdrop of mountains.

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