Saturday, 7 April 2012


11.30 last night we were sitting, reading our Kindles (thanks Steph!), when we heard this noise outside – it was the ‘dustbin men’; in Spain and Portugal you take your refuse to large community bins and it’s collected daily (it’s really efficient) these men were working at 11.30 p.m. on Good Friday (impressive).

7.30 a.m. I heard something outside; I looked out of the window and there were a couple of cars outside the gates (waiting to get in; by 7.50, when the man unlocked the gates (phew!), there were seven cars – they roared in and parked; we have no idea why they were here so early we left at about 11.00 and no other cars had arrived.
The aire we headed for at Benicassim was fine, but alongside a main road – however it did have water (double phew!!), so we filled up and then drove into town to explore (to look for somewhere to wild camp), we found ...... Lidl’s (there were a couple of vans parked up)!!! We parked, had lunch and then got our bikes out.

It was a lovely day when we set out, so I changed into my short shorts. Benicassim has dedicated cycle paths and a circular route of 15k around the town. We headed towards the beach; after a couple of miles it got quite windy, then it started raining (huge great plops) – we cycled on, it got sunny again.
Spot the pretty bike!

 We arrived at the beach and cycled for a couple of miles, adjacent to the sea, then it started to rain again, and it was bloody cold – a slushy hailstorm!!!
You can see the storm coming in from the sea
 It was obviously a freaky occurrence as people were coming out of cafes and bar trying to catch the hail in their hands (we of course were used to it coming from Wales!). During our cycle ride we spotted a patch of waste ground with a few campervans parked, so we moved the van to join them (we are genuine travellers now, see below!).
Tomorrow we’re heading for a ‘real’ camp site, as we need to have showers, wash our hair (me), shave (Brett), and do our laundry – it’s going to cost us 8. We might stay there for a couple of days.

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