Monday, 16 April 2012


Laundry day today; as it’s an aire we didn’t know if we were allowed to hang out our washing (usually that’s one of the regulations) but as we had to pay it’s more like a campsite, so we risked it.

We cycled to the supermarket to get supplies, and had thought to spend the afternoon reading on the beach – the wind put pay to that!! The sun is lovely and warm as long as you’re protected from the wind.
Henry phoned to say that his aunt and uncle (my ex in laws) are staying in Andorra close by; we’ve tried to contact them, but so far have had no luck, it would be lovely to see them, last time we saw them was at Will and Gill’s wedding.

I had a horrible experience this evening; as I was changing the toilet roll the holder fell down the toilet into the waste chamber; we had to empty it and fish it out, yuk, yuk, yuk, – I spent the rest of the evening sterilising everything with neat bleach!!!!!!!!

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