Saturday, 7 April 2012


We had a lovely peaceful night and slept well, it was warm again last night (Tuesday night was cold we had to add extra bed clothes).

We continued along the road we drove in on yesterday, alongside the long sandy beach, then out of the village back through the acres of polythene, and sometimes tunnels that seemed to be made of nylon netting – all very ugly. We ended up driving through what looked like a factory forecourt; basically it was factory fruit and vegetable growing.
We drove to an inland aire today; we let Sat Nav show us the way, but when we got there it looked deserted and the water tap was missing. We concluded that the aire had been moved to another part of the town and set off to find it. We drove through the town, past the police station, then the road became narrow (and one way) as we negotiated the church, then there, in front of us, were two roads with weight (5 tonnes) and height (2.7m) limits – our weight was fine, but we’re 3m tall, and to our right was a VERY narrow street with low over hanging balconies and about a 1 in 2 incline. And Brett’s response to this? “We’re stuck”!! I got out to investigate our options; Brett having already decided that I was going to go up the one way road, stop the traffic from coming down, and he was going to drive the wrong way up it!!! Then we reasoned that as there was no warning before the one way street there must be a way out – it was behind us through what looked like a small car park the other side of the church. Phew!

 We didn’t find another aire so went back to the deserted one; we filled up with water Tuesday morning, so we’re ok for another day.
When we walked around the town later, about 6.00, there were masses of people milling around – mainly coming out of the church where the bells were going absolutely mental. Most of the shops were shut with shutters down and some of the roads had barriers across with notices saying they were shut off tomorrow (Good Friday) for a procession, we’ll have a walk in the morning to have a look. We found the supermarket, it was heaving (just like Tesco the week before Christmas) it’s obviously shut tomorrow (someone told us that at Easter shops were shut from the Thursday to the Tuesday) so we got in a few extra supplies.
Tomorrow’s aire is in an orange grove, we’re looking forward to that – hope it’s got water otherwise we’ll be in trouble.

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