Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Hoorah, good old Will, our book arrived this morning; so we are very happy. We’ve had a wonderful few days at Dorothy’s; we’ve been very well looked after, entertained and fed (and we did our laundry) and of course it was absolutely lovely to see Henry and Claire before they leave for Thailand at the end of the month.

Henry has always loved communing with wildlife; his ‘pet’ here is a tree frog – he’s especially proud of this picture.
Tree Frog
I don’t know how it happened but somehow we left much later than planned (it was nearly lunch time) so we decided that a 150 mile drive was not a good idea; we drove to Torre Del Mar to look for a campsite and came upon a group of campervans wildcamping – so we’ve joined them.

We had a walk around town; I was propositioned by a man - I was quite flattered until Brett pointed out that he was roaring drunk!!!
Tonight we went out for a meal (tapas); we chose seven dishes (half portions, we’re not greedy we just like to try lots of different flavours), as we were giving our order to the waiter, at dish five, he said “enough, no more” and walked off, he wouldn’t let us order anything else – he was dead right we were absolutely stuffed (and we left food); our favourite dish was aubergine with honey, wow it was so delicious – it was fried, sliced, aubergine (no skin, and quite dry), drizzled with (we think) maple syrup; I don’t know if we’ll be able to recreate it, we’ll certainly give it a go. The same waiter, when we tried to order 'Chopitos' (small grilled squid) said it was not for the English, we wouldn't like it as it was black (at this point he was pointing to his black jumper); we can only surmise that it was cooked in squid ink - now I wish we'd over ruled him and given it a go.

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