Monday, 17 September 2012


We went to the Post Office today, on our way to the Builder’s Merchant to order more sand and cement (we’re still concreting); the documents for the car still haven’t arrived, the cover note, for the road tax, runs out in a couple of weeks – this is getting beyond ridiculous.

I was going to put the cabbage seedlings in today; around here all the cabbages are grown in furrows. So I decided to do the same; I couldn’t do it, my channels were rubbish, old Portuguese men of 80+ can do it easily (and quickly), I’m going to need lessons – needless to say the cabbages didn’t get planted.

Brett continued cementing floors; he had lots of fiddly jobs to do that didn’t need my assistance.

We had a lovely evening entertaining Pam, Mark and Rowan (their son); we ate courgette fritters (a brilliant way to use up an excess of courgettes and by varying the dipping sauce they go with practically any menu) with a chilli sauce and a Thai curry (which included more of the courgettes).

And, of course, there was another beautiful sunset.

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