Tuesday, 25 September 2012


We had a relaxed morning doing our washing.
This afternoon we took the mixer to Mark and Glen and introduced them to Pam and Mark.
Then we met Pastor Allen and Barbara (his wife) and off we went to look at the telegraph poles. We’re terribly excited; there are poles there that should work for the roof beams in our kitchen and little sitting room (we had worked out that we were going to have to pay around 450-500 for roof beams) and these cost 17 each!!! Which will save us absolutely masses of money. The poles could also be used for building structures outside, as gate posts and, as Pam pointed out, it’s actually cheaper to buy these poles than fire wood (which for some reason is very expensive here). Pastor Allen phoned one of his many contacts and arranged transport to our village, for ‘a load’, for 60; some of the poles are 8 metres long so they need a big truck. Our only dilemma now is how far can the truck get towards Pam & Mark’s (no chance of it getting to ours!) and how are we going to move the poles once they’re dropped off – Brett and Mark reckon we can drag them behind the Landrover.
We watched a film tonight, “Precious”; it was very disturbing, about a young, illiterate, girl (16) from Harlem, who had been sexually assaulted by her father since she was three, and was pregnant with her second child (the first one was about four, a little girl with Down’s syndrome call Mongo – short for Mongoloid!) – fortunately it had a kind of positive ending.


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