Wednesday, 12 September 2012


We finished another third of the kitchen floor today (twenty mixes) and, touch wood, it’s going well – though the physical labour doesn’t get any easier. I’m stationed by the mixer out in the full sun; so today I put up a parasol to give myself some shade – it stayed up for all of 15 minutes when the wind blew it over (so that didn’t work then!). We do have an awful lot of wind here; it’ll be fine when we’re in the house as that’s in a sheltered hollow.  

As I was picking French beans for supper tonight I realised that despite all my moaning about rabbits and ants we do have quite a productive vegetable garden already; I can pick beans, French and flat Portuguese type (bit like runners), basil, fennel, rocket, carrots, mangetout (not as many as I’d like, bloody rabbits), coriander, rosemary, thyme and, thanks to Mr Luis, onions, tomatoes and courgettes.

We were supposed to go to the festa at Penamacor tonight, with Pam and Mark; but we had this spectacular thunder (electric?) storm that went on for a couple of hours and, as its epicentre seemed to be over Penamacor, so we decided not to bother going. There was forked lightening but a lot of the time it wasn’t going down to earth but forking and travelling horizontally, lighting up the whole of the sky – it was rather like those balls you get in gadget shops, even similar colours with the pinks and blues. Brett managed to take a few video clips with his ipod.
Horizontal Fork Lightening

Fortunately the festa is on tomorrow night too so we’ll go then; after we’ve been for our first Portuguese class, actually it’s an introductory lunch so we probably won’t have an actual lesson.

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