Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This morning we finished another third of the footings for the living room (seven mixings); I was just washing off my feet (I always get them covered in cement) when I heard Brett shouting for me – the shuttering was collapsing. We managed to save it by propping it with blocks; but it was quite worrying for a while.

There wasn’t much I could do to help Brett after that as he had decided to put a load of rubble in the bottom of the kitchen floor, to save putting in about 8” of concrete in some places; and there was only one wheelbarrow available. It wasn’t a job I would have been any good at anyway as he was carting in big lumps of concrete and rocks and then smashing them up with a sledge hammer.

Instead I planted out the carrot seedling that I had sowed in guttering; hopefully the rabbits won’t find them. And then I tried to salvage my mangetout, which the rabbits have destroyed, by encasing them in plastic bottles for the first few feet – it doesn’t look nice but if it works I can put up with it.

This evening we went for a meal at the restaurant, with Pam and Mark; after we had paid our bill the owner brought out the ‘aguardente’ a very strong spirit made from the leftovers after making wine – we all coughed and spluttered a lot! It was a very enjoyable, relaxing evening; tomorrow evening we’re going to the festa at Penamacor.

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