Sunday, 30 September 2012


Mark (& Glenn) was in the village early (8.00 a.m.), to pick up the mixer from Mark (& Pam); he came to see us too, to explain the calculations he’s done for the roof timbers for our kitchen. According to his figures if we want to use the telegraph poles we would need to put in at least eight poles; so we’re back to buying beams at 30 a metre – shame!

We decided to take a day off today and explore Corvilha, a town just past Fundao; we’d been told it was worth a visit. Well it wasn’t!! We drove in and headed for the historical centre; there was nothing there, or we couldn’t find it. We drove up and down narrow cobbled streets for ages, following signs; then we parked and walked around, we couldn’t find anything of interest.

On our way home we saw an awful lot of smoke ahead of us, it turned out to be a fire in a warehouse (full of straw), fortunately it was well under control by the time we reached it and we didn’t have to turn the car around.

This afternoon it started raining again and continued on and off for most of the evening – it’s doing the garden a lot of good and hopefully refilling our well. Also it’s shown us that none of our roofs leak.

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