Tuesday, 25 September 2012


It rained quite a lot in the night and we woke up to grey, cloudy skies and more rainfall – it was just like being in Wales! But as we haven’t had rain for nearly five months (bragging again) we actually welcomed this weather; apart from anything else it meant we didn’t have to water the vegetable garden today.

We took advantage of the inclement weather and watched another film this morning, “The Big Bang” (Antonio Banderas); we’ve worked extremely hard for the last few weeks, concreting, we felt we deserved a bit of a rest.

This afternoon it got really, really windy; the gazebos tried to take off and some of their poles bent and came apart, so we decided it was time to take them down. It was really strange with no outside space; it made us realise how small the camper actually is, so we’ve moved the van nearer the house and utilised the space in the ‘living room’. It’s great, we’ve set up the outside cooker, table and chairs, we’ve piled up blocks (to use as side tables) and put candles on them – it’s almost like living in a house!

After we had finished all our manoeuvring we had a text from Pam and Mark “Our gazebo just blew away managed to rescue but it needs (she actually put offer but she doesn’t proof read her texts!!!!) repairing how is yours?”; so it was sensible moving when we did.

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