Monday, 3 September 2012


We worked jolly hard today and managed to finish the first floor; one down only five to go, in fairness we have done the biggest one. We also did the footings for the little sitting room; Brett thought it would take about eight barrow loads, I hoped four, it took fifteen!
Lunch: mostly free - figs, tomatoes, eggs (Pam & Mark), onions, rocket, basil had to buy goat's cheese, Iberico ham and cucumber

We went to Pam and Mark’s for dinner; we had pizzas from their bread oven – very impressive, we’re definitely going to build one. We ate quite late (completely our fault) as we asked them not to light it until we arrived; we wanted to see the whole process, and now we know you light it before your guests arrive! We’ve seen cooks like Jamie Oliver use one, on the television, and he implied it only took about 10 mins to heat up.
Sunset st Pam & Mark's - looks like the sky's on fire!

When we got home I got out the wash bag (to clean my teeth), I pushed aside the washing up bowl, which was on top of the work surface, to clear a space for it close to the sink; the washing up bowl was full of water and it just slide across the work surface and emptied it’s contents all across the floor and over the bed!!!

Tomorrow Pam & Mark are coming over to help us harvest our grapes and make them into wine – our first vintage of Fonte dos Clerigos wine, how exciting.

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