Monday, 17 September 2012


And we’re still concreting .................. today the living room floor; we’re hoping not to have to screed over the concrete to level this floor, it’s a smaller area than the last few floors we’ve done; we managed to do about 2/3 of the area (31 mixes).

We didn’t have to cook tonight as it was Friday and that means ‘Pizza Night’ at Pam and Mark’s; unless they’re too tired, like last week, and then we just go out for a meal. Yesterday we learnt that the restaurant will be shutting up shop for the winter, probably at the end of this month, where will we eat then?

Pam and Mark are still sleeping outside in tents, though not for long as their room is nearly habitable, it only needs the floor tiling; last night Mark heard, and saw, a wild boar snuffling round the tent, he said it was quite scary knowing there was only a bit of canvas between them!


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