Monday, 17 September 2012


We finished the plinth and then tried to fill some of the holes, on the inside of the shed walls, with concrete; some of them are pretty big holes, for some reason they build a shed and then, purposefully, knock holes in some of the blocks, no idea why – to let the vermin get in? Anyway the concrete didn’t want to stay in the holes, we were tired, and so we just gave up! We even threw away a wheel barrow full of concrete.

The mixer switch is also completely knackered; it doesn’t turn on/stay turned on; so tomorrow it’s going back to the shop where it was bought, it’s got a two year guarantee but I bet it gets taken away to be repaired for the next few weeks rather than replaced.

Hoorah, today I planted my cabbages (in the furrows I dug the other day that were no good!); tonight they are wearing plastic bottles, to keep the rabbits off.

We had a text from Pam and Mark saying they were going to the restaurant for a drink; we ended up eating there too. While we were there this little (stray?) puppy came up and slept at our feet; it was really sweet, Pam (with a little bit of encouragement from me!) ended up taking it home to join her ever increasing menagerie – she now has 3 dogs (one, with a collar, on turned up a few weeks ago and has been staying longer and longer, now it doesn’t actually leave much anymore), at least 4 cats, 6 chicken and 2 ducks. I’m so looking forward to the time when we can start getting animals too.

I found this beautiful feather, Mark says it’s a Jay’s; the blue colour is shaded, it looks like it’s been painted on.
Jay feather

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