Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This morning we went to Fundao for supplies; mainly for beer from Lidls where 1L costs 089, in the supermarkets in Castelo Branco we pay 115 (if there’s any of that one left) or a whopping 149 (if that’s all that’s there). So we picked up three packs of six bottles; when we got to the checkout we were told of by the manageress (I think, Brett’s not convinced), I think she said that the packs were limited to one per customer and we shouldn’t have three – so we played our ‘we’re foreigners and don’t understand you’ card, and got away with it!

We filled up our 5L water bottles from the fonte on the way home; that’s another reason we need to go into Fundao on a regular basis.

Early evening went to El Clube for drinks, with Pam and Mark.

Dinner was practically all picked from our garden; courgette fritters, tomato salsa (garlic and lime were bought) and French bean salad ( ingredients for dressing bought). We stayed outside after dinner and read until the light went, when we went inside – it was only 8.15!!!!! The days are shortening so fast. I was in bed by 9.30; there’s no room to do anything in the camper when the bed is down except go to bed.


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