Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I have to admit when it looked like the mixer was broken and we might have to wait for it to be fixed a part of me thought “oh goody I can have a rest”! Unfortunately, thanks to Mark and Brett that didn’t happen; in fact it went from bad to worse. Brett said that today would be setting up for Thursday, as we have our Portuguese lesson on a Wednesday, and he needed to order more sand and cement before we could do anymore work too. So we went to the builder’s merchant and instead of saying he would deliver this afternoon he said “Agora” (now). Which meant that this afternoon we were down the gym/studio and tried to finish the studio floor (the step down 6’ x 18’); it was one of those horrible days when nothing goes right. We couldn’t level the floor, the concrete set to quickly and it all looked a mess; we put in 13 mixes and ended up scrapping it all flat so that we can cover it with a 2”-3” screed. So having learnt our lesson we mixed up another two wheel-barrowfuls and constructed a couple of rows of level mounds so that the gym floor will be easier to level.

Hoorah, we had a text from Pam and Mark “Drinks down the bar?”; they came back to eat with us (after going home to pick up their cute little puppy dog). They have more ‘workawayers’ arriving on Thursday.

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