Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Happy Birthday Lily!

We had a day off today; well I did, Brett helped Mark and Glenn this afternoon. We went into Castelo Branco, via Mark and Glenn’s to pick up the receipt for the mixer; Mark and Brett played with the mixer, bypassing the ‘on’ switch (so it’s permanently ‘on and has to switched off via the extension lead)) and now it works – I’m just hoping they haven’t invalidated the guarantee (they assure me they haven’t done anything that can’t be reversed) – but at least it’s working!

We went to a ‘seconds’ tile place, where Pam and Mark bought their tiles last week; there were masses of tiles. We think we know what we want; they look like reclaimed quarry tiles (1‘ x 1’).

Mark and Glenn were ready to install their roof timbers and asked Brett to help them carry the biggest beams up to their second floor – oh dear, I didn’t have a camera with me for the first beam when Brett fell backwards up the stairs, Mark nearly castrated himself on one of the metal plates and Glenn looked like he was getting a hernia as the beam was so heavy! The second beam went up quite smoothly; which was annoying for me as I now had Brett’s Ipod!
A piece of art

Very heavy art



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