Monday, 15 October 2012


It was very cold and overcast this morning I put on tons of layers which I had to strip off as it warmed up and I started dripping!!!

Brett continued to render the kitchen whilst I weeded in the vegetable garden.

It rained this afternoon, which meant we didn’t have to water the garden.

Pam texted to say my gardening book “Growing Healthy Vegetables in Spain” had arrived; so we went straight over to pick it up. I’m so disappointed; it’s more or less a beginner’s guide to growing vegetables with a couple of pages that are relevant to growing vegetables in Spain AND it obviously hadn’t been proof read I’ve found so many errors in it – perhaps when I’ve been here a few years and learnt how to garden in this climate I’ll write a book for vegetable gardening in Central Portugal aimed at expats who already know the basics of gardening.

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