Sunday, 28 October 2012


We were up before the crack of dawn to meet Mark in Fundao; first stop was to go and look at the windows and doors he’s having made (we’ll be having ours made by the same people when we come back). We had originally decided on green windows and doors (there’s a very limited palette available) however Mark has had some burgundy ones made up and they are really rather nice, so we might be having a bit of having a rethink – we’d just need to choose another colour to the yellow ochre we had thought of for the house, which is quite traditional in this area.

Then we picked up (well Mark did in his big truck) our kitchen beam; it’s very chunky 240cms x 160cms x 7m, and is going to look great with lots of stuff hanging from it (hams, pots, washing!!!! etc).

This afternoon it poured and poured; we didn’t want to leave the camper, it was very miserable outside which makes us look forward to coming back to the UK more.

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