Wednesday, 24 October 2012


We went into Fundao and paid for the beam for our kitchen (215); Mark (and Glenn)’s going to pick it up for us on Thursday.

Then we went to the market to buy some fruit trees; we bought three cherries (black, red and white varieties- 5 each), two lemons (20 each, we were extravagant we went for the more mature, three years old, more expensive trees as we want fruit asap) and a lime (10, there wasn’t a choice) and because we’d spent some much money the lady on the stall threw in and apple tree. We want to get lots more fruit trees but we’ll see how these ones survive first (especially as we won’t be around to give them any TLC). I’m very excited about having my own lemon and lime trees. While we were at the market I bought some broccoli plugs which I planted in the troughs that I created the other day – it looks just like a proper Portuguese vegetable garden!
We propped our gates up to check the height of the posts - I think they look fantastic
We watched ‘Witness’ with Harrison Ford; it was quite nice as he was hiding out with the Amish, their lifestyle is very similar to ours no electricity, television, phone, washing machine etc.

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