Friday, 19 October 2012


It rained all night and continued to rain all day. Poor old Brett had to force himself to go over to the damp, dark gym/studio to carry on with his rendering. By lunchtime he had finished the studio; so he’s only got the high part of the gym left to do.

I stayed behind in the camper to do my Portuguese homework; we have to learn five new verbs and ten new nouns and then put them into sentences. I made mine pertinent to me by looking up all the verbs relating to gardening - cultivar (to grow), colher (to pick), plantar (to plant), semear (to sow) and regar (to water); the nouns I chose were also gardening related – mangericão (basil), salsa (parsley), tomilho (thyme), hortelã (mint), erva (herb), culinária (culinary), medicinal (medicinal – obviously!) fava (broad beans, as in ‘Silence of the Lambs’), ervilha (pea) and semente (seed). Unfortunately I have no idea whether these verbs are regular or irregular so I’m just guessing at how to conjugate them (a few weeks ago I didn’t even know what conjugate meant, so I’m actually learning English too). And I really, really, hope I don’t have to read any of my sentences out loud, at class tomorrow, as I find the pronunciation so hard – but of course that’s how you learn. I have to force myself not to let Brett do all the talking when we go into shops; he’s really getting the hang of the language.

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