Wednesday, 10 October 2012


 Brett continued rendering the gym/studio while I did some gardening. I tried to use the enchada (hoe thingy) to dig troughs to plant into – I was absolute rubbish at it. Manuel (Pam and Mark’s seller) can prepare a large area for them, to plant cabbages and lettuce in, in minutes – I want to go and watch him next time he’s working in their garden. So I ended up planting onto a flat bed; about 115 cooking onions, 90 red onions, 60-70 white onions, 24 shallots (I bought 2 bags but lots were rotten, I’m going to take them back), 60 garlic cloves and 20 lettuce, which are wearing plastic collars to, hopefully, deter the rabbits.

My next job will be potatoes and broad beans – the seasons here are so different to Wales.

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