Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Today Pam and I went to explore the Termas (Thermal Spa) at Aguas; first of all we went to Penamacour to check her post box – unfortunately the Post Office was shut as it was Saturday. But while we were there we found out that the new supermarche, Minipreço, was open; what excitement, we’ve had to travel to Castelo Branco or Fundao for supplies now there’s a supermarket just down the road! While we were there Pam saw this woman who she said looked English so she says “Hi” to her, the woman just smiled, I cracked up – you had to be there it was quite funny at the time.

We went to the Termas; it was also shut! There was a notice on the door which we translated as saying it was open every second Saturday, but Pam took a photo of the notice too so we could check.

Meantime Brett continued to fill the holes inside the gym/studio.

This afternoon we decided to go for a walk and explore; we were going to investigate the path that goes  past Joao and Ilda’s but there were people in their garden and as we didn’t want to get into conversation with them (perhaps when our Portuguese has improved) we went the other way but, low and behold, Mr Luis was at his son’s house, so we had to turn around again, so not much of a walk then.


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