Sunday, 28 October 2012


An absolute nightmare of a Portuguese class today; Pastor Allen had written some sentences, with gaps in, up on the board and then proceeded to conduct the whole class in Portuguese; people were chiming in with answers and he would occasionally write these up in the spaces. I had absolutely no idea what was happening and, according to Brett, he nearly walked out! It definitely wasn’t a class that was appropriate to people who have had a mere twelve hours of tuition – I think he forgets that this is supposed to be a beginner’s class. We take a bit of the blame on ourselves as we have been less than diligent between classes; in fact we only look at our work if we have homework. So we have made a resolution; when we are back living in the Barn we will have a language lesson (probably 10.00-11.00) everyday; we have several books and CDs, so hopefully we won’t fall behind the rest of our group.

I couldn’t get blood, fish and bone meal, I don’t think they have it; there are lots of proprietary brands of fertilizers and feeds on the shelves but not the basic ingredients to mix yourself – so I’m doing without! We have lots of compost from the chicken and donkey sheds, I’ll use that.

We’ve booked our ferry back to the UK, Santander to Portsmouth, on 10th November which means we leave here two weeks tomorrow, how exciting. We now have lots to do to organise ourselves before we go.

How frustrating, I’ve been reading a James Patterson book on the Kindle and I’d got to 86% of the way through it; the lead detective’s suspected murderer had been killed, she was being congratulated on a ‘job well done’, when she discovered the dead guy didn’t have a tattoo so couldn’t be the murderer and .................. the Kindle changed to a completely different book (about baseball) for the concluding 14% - so I’ll never know if her father was the murderer or just a ‘red herring’. And I can’t complain to Amazon as it was an illegal copy of the book!!!

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