Wednesday, 10 October 2012


We, along with Pam & Mark, went to visit Nick to see his solar set up, water tower, bore hole i.e. all the stuff we might be doing in the future. We’ve now ordered our batteries, charge controllers and one of our inverters (we’re going to try this one out on my kiln before we purchase a bigger more expensive one, Nick seems to think this will do the job). The solar system all seems pretty straight forward – well Brett seemed to understand it all.

This afternoon we went for a long walk down the track past Joao & Ilda’s; we crossed a ford with 4½ft high (in the middle) stepping stones, to cross a river which is dry at the moment, but we walked up the river bed for a bit and found some water with fish trapped in it. Brett held my hand while I crossed the ‘river’ via the stepping stones; considering most Portuguese are quite short the stones were rather far apart (I wouldn’t have liked to try it without Brett’s assistance, it was even quite scary with it!).
Stepping stones viewed from track
Viewed from the 'river bed'

When we came back we continued to construct our wall and then I sowed 154 broad beans – thank you for the seeds Pam! They should be growing whilst we are back in the UK (hopefully there will be some rain here!!).

Tonight we went for a walk around our land and a snake wrapped itself around my foot, twice (Brett says I trod on it, but I don’t think I did) – I squealed quite a bit!!!! It was too dark to see the snake properly, Brett went back with a torch but it was long gone.

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