Friday, 19 October 2012


After all the hard work he’s been doing Brett needed a day off today so we had a trip into Castelo Branco. I went into the Post Office and asked (in Portuguese) for five stamps for England (I had worked out exactly what I was going to say, and practised it so that I was word perfect); the woman behind the counter had turned away and was reaching for the stamps before I had uttered the first couple of words – but at least I got five stamps for England, so I got that right!

The ready mixed emulsion paint in the stores here is in vile colours; very bright, loud, pinks, green and yellows, not shades or tones that Brett and I would chose for our house. However today we came across a paint shop where they mix paints (like in B&Q) and they had just the colours we wanted for a price, between 60-90€ for 15L, but I’m happy that we don’t have to compromise on colour otherwise we would have probably gone with white.

While we were in the paint shop we looked at ‘Hammerite’ paint for our gate; it was on special offer reduced from 28€ to 15€ so we bought the traditional green colour. Hopefully I’ll be able to paint the gate soon; we’re going to start the gate posts tomorrow.


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