Wednesday, 10 October 2012


When I go to bed, if I don’t sleep, it’s often because I spend the night with problems going round and round in my head; last night was such a night, I was trying to think of ways to keep the rabbits off my vegetable garden. By this morning I was convinced I had come up with a solution; suckers grow around the base of the olive trees which need to be pruned, I could weave these suckers making low fences around the vegetable beds and the rabbits wouldn’t be able to cross them – rabbits can’t jump very high, at the farmers markets they are just put in cardboard boxes without lids, they never seem to escape. In my head it all looked very ornate and neat – I was so excited! In reality it looked a mess; the suckers have branches all the way along them (and they were really hard to prune with my secateurs) and when I wove a trial hurdle it wasn’t tight and compact, a rabbit could just push its way through it – so that was a couple of hours wasted! We’re going to look at chicken wire/pea netting next time we’re in town.

Brett started rendering the kitchen; he moaned a lot because the walls weren’t very flat (someone appears to have haphazardly thrown render at it at some point!), but he still managed to make a very good job of it.

I’m feeling rather dejected at the moment; Brett is all fulfilled doing his rendering, which is going really well, and all I’ve got to do is the garden, today I planted out seedlings (oregano, sage, thyme) to start a herb bed, which I enjoyed but I know it’s pointless as the rabbits are going to destroy everything as it grows. Brett said I could help him by preparing the walls before he rendered, chipping off the bits of mortar that are sticking out – yeh, thanks that would really give me a sense of purpose!!!!

I was in bed by 9.15; oh yes, and it’s gone really hot again (36°C)!

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