Friday, 19 October 2012


Happy Birthday Dee!!! XXX

It rained nonstop today; it was proper heavy rain, like we get in Wales! And this is forecast for the next ten days minimum – I can’t see us being here for much longer, it’s not much fun living in a campervan in the rain.

Brett was back to rendering the gym/studio today, he’s determined to have it finished before we return to the UK.

I pottered in the camper; washing up from last night, cooking lunch (French onion soup) and attempting my Portuguese homework.

I walked down to the gym/studio, to take Brett a flask of tea, and got soaked even though I had an umbrella and wore a cagoule – it was very heavy rain!

When he came back from the gym/studio he wasn’t very happy as water is leaking into the building at ground level, so he’s now got to dig a ditch around it before we go too. There’s all this work that he’s having to do as I’m not physically able to do it; the rendering because I’ve never done it before but he has rendered and plastered two buildings back in Wales, so he’s good at it, and the ditch digging is with a pickaxe into rock which I just haven’t got the strength and stamina for – so I’m feeling a bit useless at the moment; especially as I can’t even garden as the ground is to wet and claggy.

Tonight we went to Pam and Mark’s for dinner; they have moved into their middle room. They have tiled the floor, put plaster board on the walls and insulation on the ceiling so it looks like a house rather than a shed. And they have a wood burning stove and a lovely rag rug (which I helped to choose)!!!!! It was so snug and cosy with the fire lit and candle light and it was so relaxing listening to the rain outside while we were warm and comfortable inside – I’m so jealous, but we will have a home like that next year.



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