Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Today we drove along the N125 past Porches, where my mother used to have a house, and along a stretch of the N125 that me, Brett and Henry walked (in the dark) nineteen years ago after going to a festival in a nearby village; it has completely changed, when we walked it either side of the road was olive groves and vineyards now it’s full of commercial outlets – hotels, international school, garages, potteries, supermacardos etc.

We stopped off at a supermarket to buy supplies; on the meat counter was this vacuum packed animal, about the size of a cat, it was a whole piglet – it was absolutely tiny (it was rather distressing, and I say that as someone who rears animals to eat).
We have driven right to the far end of Portugal (like the ‘Lands End’ of Portugal) Africa is across the sea to our left and there’s nothing in front of us, except sea, until America.
Praia de Cordama
We’re parked in a car park, right next to the beach (Praia de Cordama), with lots of other wild campers, most of whom seem to be dreadlocked surfers – the waves here are rather impressive.
There's our van, turn around and ...........

And here's the sea!

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