Friday, 30 March 2012

29th March LOS ROMANES

The van survived the night!!! And whilst I was showering Brett and Henry managed to bring it up the next door neighbour’s drive. And then we got to do our washing.

We had a lovely relaxing day in Torre del Mar with Henry and Claire. We saw parrots in the trees; oh yes, and we saw these little puppies in the window of a pet shop – it was very distressing I wanted to take them all home.
HeHe!!! This sculpture is very witty.
We had a really leisurely lunch of calamares a la plancha (griddled squid), pulpo frito (fried octopus), rosada (fish) and clams; it was very tasty.
 Please note: I'm the one drinking water (with the orange hair!)

Then we went to the supermarket to replenish the alcohol we drank last night and found cava for 1.50 a bottle!!! (it’s very pleasant and doesn’t taste at all like cheap wine).

Tomorrow we're going to be taken to a village up in the hills.

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