Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Spoke to Henry today (good old Story Telecom!); he and Claire will be in Spain in two weeks time (staying with Claire’s grandmother who lives near Malaga), so we’ll go and visit them (yay). Coincidently we have some old neighbours (Pauline & Terry) from Brynaman who also live near Malaga – so we have a plan. Over the next fortnight we’ll make our way towards Pauline & Terry, via aires and campsites (when we have to) visiting Gibraltar en route.

We had an exciting email from the Monsanto agents; the property we like with the three cottages appears to have more land (it’s increased in price too, 37,000) – 2.9 hectares instead of 1.2 (i.e. 7 acres rather than 3) which would make it much more appealing to us. They haven’t got the details yet, but will keep us informed. I'm just worried that they're implying that they showed us 2.9 hectares (which they definitely didn't), we'll just have to wait and see.
Drove back up the N125 to the campsite we stayed in the night before last in Armaco de Pera, booked in for two nights. We’re going to do the beach thing tomorrow, we've got two weeks to waste!.

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