Monday, 19 March 2012

18th Mar OLHAO

Happy Mother’s Day, Mothers. I phoned both my mothers this morning; it’s great now that Story Telecom has sorted out the mobile.

Today we did some chores; we swept the sand out of the van and washed our clothes (by hand) the worst bit of this is the wringing out (my hands get more and more feeble) – we’ll never take our washing machine for granted again!
We cycled into town looking for the supermarche, selling cheap diesel, which we’d been told about. When we found it it was on the wrong side of the railway track – we had to go through a gap in the fence, step over the railway line and through another gap in a fence (all this carrying our bikes – actually Brett took his across first and then came back for mine). It’s not quite as bad as it sounds that’s the route all the locals take too.

When we got back our neighbours invited us round for drinks (from the 5L bottle of wine) and nibbles; so we socialised for an hour or two – when we returned to our van it wasn’t even 6.00!!!!
The final chore of the day was to dye my hair; hair dye is very expensive here, the cheapest I could find was 10. I had to sit on a chair, outside the van, while Brett applied it, and then I went to the shower to rinse it off. My hair is now VERY red, well almost orange really.

I had a lovely phone call from my son this evening!!!! Actually it was rather frustrating as we were Skyping and I couldn’t hear him, so he had to type (which was quite slow), and I had to keep repeating myself, we'd even turned off the video (to help the connection) but it didn’t. I think we’re just a little bit too far from the modem for a strong signal.

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