Tuesday, 6 March 2012


So we’re off to the Algarve. As usual it was a nightmare getting out of Castel Branco with the Sat Nav – Brett thinks she’s broken, I think it’s because her maps aren’t up to date; anyway she was a pain the backside and we wasted nearly an hour trying to find the road we wanted. After that she was fine until ........................... we came to a diversion in this town, so we had to deviate from her route – she tried her unpaved road trick!! Brett took one look at the way she wanted us to go and turned around (she wasn’t happy).

The aire we were heading for was in another spa town; when we got there it was so quiet, no shops, no people, no internet – it was like a ghost town; so we carried on driving and came across this campsite and look what’s in the next field – free range pigs, they have a huge area, must be 50 acres.
This is free range!!
We think they must be black Iberian pigs, used to produce iberico ham; it’s made in Portugal as well as Spain, the  Portuguese ham is called presunto ibérico.

Free internet at this campsiteso I've updated a whole weeks worth of blog and I’ve managed to talk to lots of people on Skype and facebook, so I’m not feeling out of touch at all. Still can't use the stupid sim card we bought espacially for phoning home and Story Telecom are rubbish, there answer is for us to call them using it sothey can analyse the problem - we've told them we can't phone out on it (frustrating!).

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