Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Today we wanted to drive from Nisa to Fundao and there’s a toll road A23 that goes from one to the other and if you look at the map that’s what you see, one road between Nisa and Fundao the A23. However if you get Mrs Sat Nav and zoom in there’s another road N18 which runs so close to the A23 that most of the time it’s not visible on maps. The N18 is obviously the original road, it’s two lanes wide and it’s free, no prizes for guessing which road we used!

We passed through some lovely countryside between Castelo Branco and Fundao; big open flat plains, dotted with villages and farmhouses. This is cherry country and some trees are in blossom; I don’t know if you get early cherries and late cherries, they’re not all flowering at the same time.
View of Fundao from campsite

We have PAID for a proper campsite tonight 10.50; the campsite is called Quinta de Covento it’s just outside Fundao, high on a hill overlooking the town. At the entrance to the campsite is this fabulous building which is obviously the old convent, unfortunately it’s neglected and fallen into disrepair.
Beautiful old convent

There’s internet here, so I’ve spent the evening updating my blog, skyping with Henry and Claire and answering emails.

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