Saturday, 10 March 2012

9th Mar SABOIA

Pauline and Howard took us into Odemeria to (1) pay our toll charges and (2) visit estate agents. Well they just shook their heads in the Post Office (where tolls are paid); we don’t really know why we’re guessing it’s because we are foreign (and therefore not on their system) – the bottom line being we couldn’t pay our toll charges.

The estate agent visit was much more productive; tomorrow we’re viewing a farm with 11 acres, the house looks quite big (AND HABITABLE), it has mains electricity and mains water all for 68,000. Which probably works out cheaper than the Castelo Branco one once we’ve factored in the cost of a new roof, solar panels, generator, bore hole etc. And as a big bonus this farm is only about 20 minutes from the coast.
HOORAH!!! Story Telecom emailed and told us how to reset our mobile and we can now make calls.

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