Tuesday, 6 March 2012


This morning we were taken to view two of the properties we’ve been looking at on the internet: what a disappointment!! Neither of the houses had the ‘wow’ factor, one was supposed to have six acres but it felt more like four (that one had a good mix of fruit trees, olive trees and grapes and some rather nice terraces), the other one had fifteen acres but a lot of it was scrub land. Both could, with money, be made into lovely holdings but not what we are looking for.

The estate agent we’re seeing tomorrow told us that camper vans often overnight in one of the squares in Monsanto, so that’s where we’re parked up tonight. Monsanto is said to be ‘the most Portuguese village in Portugal’, well I don’t know about that – it’s certainly quaint but kind of weird too. This area is a huge vast open plain with this rock jutting up (like a mini mountain) in the middle of it and Monsanto is built into and on top of this rock. There are HUGE boulders throughout the village and the houses are just built around them. It’s absolutely bizarre; there’ll be two boulders with a door between them so with a few stones the boulders make the walls (but they’re not flat on the inside, they bulge out) it’s hard to explain.

Brett rather fancied this Porche!!!

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