Saturday, 17 March 2012


So we drove to the sea and parked up right next to the beach; practically all the parking in Portugal is free and unlimited. After a walk along the beach, and around the town, I changed into a swimsuit and we got our blanket out and found a nice spot to sunbathe and read our kindles and ............... it was not very warm – the first lot of clouds we’ve had in days, so after a while we went back and read in the van.

Even little supermarkets (minimercados) tend to sell a good selection of fresh and frozen meat and fish. Shell fish is loose in baskets in the freezer and you use a scoop and a plastic bag to serve yourself, then it’s weighed and priced by the cashier (like buying vegetables in Tesco). Tonight we had spaghetti with mixed seafood (giant prawns, clams, mussels and cockles cooked in olive oil with onions and garlic) it was rather good!!
We haven’t missed watching television at all (I haven’t even watched any of the NCIS box set yet Steph!) but tonight we watched a film, “The King’s Speech”, not quite like ‘Orange Wednesday’ at Brynaman cinema; we had my little notebook propped up on a cushion and we had earphones in (so we couldn’t hear the inverter) but we really enjoyed it.

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